Williamson County Jail

Address:  306 W. 4th St., Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone:  (512) 943-1365
Website:  http://wilco.org

The Williamson County jail system houses a daily population of approximately 650 inmates. The county-owned and operated facility in Georgetown handles all the intakes and releases of approximately 14,000 people a year that are arrested within Williamson County. A new direct supervision facility was opened in late 2003. Initially, with this expansion, the County Jail has bed space for 768 inmates with a plan in place for a future expansion that will make the completed capacity of the Williamson County Jail 1,544 beds.

The current Jail staff of 284 officers and civilian personnel provides 24-hour a day security for the jail and performs many other tasks. These tasks include the transportation of inmates to and from court, the pick-up of inmates from other counties and states, supervision of inmate recreation, visitation and other activities along with the record keeping and administration of the Corrections Bureau $14-million annual budget. Williamson County also provides food service and medical, mental and dental care to all incarcerated individuals. Education and religious services are also available to all inmates. In addition, the security of the Williamson County Courts Complex is administered by a group of 11 bailiffs attached to the Williamson County Corrections Bureau.

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