Texas Drivers’s License Suspension Or Revocation

Driving a vehicle in the state of Texas, as well as in any other state, is a privilege. Texas leads the nation in drunk driving crashes and fatalities, and keeping the roadways safe is a key initiative. If convicted of DWI, your license can be suspended for 90 days. Your license can be suspended for even longer if convicted more than once. Drunk driving penalties in Texas are severe and a conviction can restrict your freedom and your employment potential. If you have been charged with this offense, you need legal representation from Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins, P.C -- a firm experienced in drunk driving litigation and the Texas court system.

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In addition to DWI, there are other ways in which your license can be suspended. Texas law allows for suspension of a driver’s license if the following conditions are met.

Mandatory Suspensions

Convictions of the following offenses will result in the automatic suspension of a driving privilege. Often times many of these crimes are related to a DWI or other alcohol-related offense.

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) by use of alcohol or drugs;
  • Drug offense;
  • Intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault;
  • Failure to stop and render aid;
  • Causing the death or serious injury of anyone while operating a motor vehicle;
  • Any offense punishable as a felony under the motor vehicle laws of Texas,
  • Overtaking and passing a school bus (subsequent conviction);
  • Boating while intoxicated;
  • Evading arrest;
  • Driving while license invalid;
  • Altered/unlawful use of driver license;
  • Displaying or possessing a driver license or identification card that is fictitious or altered;
  • Lending a driver license or identification card to someone else;
  • Possessing more than one valid driver license or identification card;
  • Providing false information or documents when applying for a driver license;
  • Making, selling, or possessing a document deceptively similar to a driver license or identification card issued by the Department of Public Safety;
  • Graffiti;
  • Fictitious license plate, registration certificate, or safety inspection sticker;
  • Fraudulent government records;
  • Racing a motor vehicle on public highway or street.

Administrative Suspensions / Revocations

The Department of Public Safety has the authority to suspend or revoke the driver's license or driving privilege of any driver, after an opportunity for proper hearing, for the following reasons:

  • Driving while license suspended;
  • Causing a serious accident while operating a motor vehicle;
  • Becoming incompetent to drive'
  • Repeated violations of traffic laws:
    • 4 or more convictions for moving violations occurring separately within any 12-month period or 7 or more within any 24-month period;
  • Habitual reckless or negligent driving;
  • Permit unlawful or fraudulent use of one’s driver license;
  • Violating a driver license endorsement requirement;
  • Two or more convictions for violating a driver license restriction;
  • Failure to comply with the terms of a citation issued by another state that is a member of the nonresident Violator Compact of 1977;
  • Failure to complete a DWI education program within 181 days if completion is a term of probation upon conviction of DWI;
  • Failure to complete a repeat offender alcohol education program as required when convicted of DWI;
  • Failure to complete a drug education program as required upon conviction of a drug offense,
  • Failure to provide medical information when requested;
  • Failure to take or pass an examination when requested;
  • Fleeing or attempting to flee from a police officer;
  • Has committed an offense in another state, which if committed in this state would be grounds for suspension or revocation;
  • Fail to stop for a school bus (second conviction);
  • Violates a probation order set by a previous hearing.

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When it comes to DWI and other alcohol-related cases, time is of the essence - you have 15 days from the date the arresting officer serves you with a notice of license suspension to request a hearing to contest the suspension.

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