Drunk Driving

Travis County DWI / DUI AttorneysDrunk driving is a serious offense in Texas. Most drivers never imagine that it will happen to them. But if you or a family member has been charged with a DWI, you understand how quickly a routine stop can turn into an unexpected trip to the Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell, Burnet and Comal counties. You are now facing criminal charges that can have damaging consequences on your freedom, your family and your future.

If you've been arrested for a DWI or DUI, you need the Austin, TX law firm of Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins on your side. Call us at (512) 476-4873 or contact us via email.  MBFC has 45 years of experience in handling criminal and civil defense cases at the state and federal level, including drunk driving. We understand how much is at stake when you or a family member has been charged with A DWI or DUI. Our goals are to protect your privilege to drive and to maintain your reputation.

DWI charges on your record can affect your insurance rates, your license and even your job. While drunk driving legislation was designed to keep dangerous drivers off the road, our laws also make it easy to charge responsible drivers on the basis of evidence that isn't always accurate. However, only a firm experienced in drunk driving litigation and the Texas court system can effectively dispute DWI charges.

If the DWI charges stem from a stop that should never have happened in the first place, we begin by bringing a constitutional challenge. Other elements of your charges that we may challenge include:

  • Roadside tests – certain tests may produce false positive results in people with specific vision problems or other physical conditions.
  • Breath tests – certain medications and even the presence of a fever may skew the results.
  • Legal issues – our DWI attorneys will investigate the constitutionality of any search and seizure, as well as the probable cause to arrest, and we'll make sure your Miranda rights were observed.

Remember: if you or a family member has been charged with a DWI or a DUI, you have 15 days from the date the arresting officer serves you with a notice of suspension to request a hearing to contest the suspension – or your license will be suspended. Usually, the deadline to request a hearing is 15 days after your DWI arrest.

Time is of the essence! Protect your freedom, your family and your future. Contact the Texas drunk driving attorneys at MBFC by calling (512) 476-4873 or contact us via email. We will defend your rights and reputation. We also handle other alcohol-related charges, including boating while intoxicated, public intoxication and underage drinking.

We have 45 years of experience representing clients in Austin, TX and the surrounding communities, including: Travis County (Creedmoor, Elroy, Manor, Pflugerville); Williamson County (Cedar Park, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Florence, Leander, Round Rock, Taylor); Hays County (Buda, Dripping Springs, Kyle, San Marcos, Wimberley); Bastrop County (Bastrop, Clearview, Elgin, Rockne, Smithville); Caldwell County (Lockhart, Luling); Burnet County (Bertram, Burnet, Marble Falls); and Comal County (Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Gruene, New Braunfels, Sattler, Startzville).

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