Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 524
Administrative Suspension of Driver’s License for
Failure to Pass Test for Intoxication

Texas Transportation Code, § 524.032

  1. A hearing requested under this subchapter shall be held not earlier than the 11th day after the date on which the person requesting the hearing is notified of the hearing unless the parties agree to waive this requirement. The hearing shall be held before the effective date of the suspension.
  2. A hearing shall be rescheduled if, before the fifth day before the date scheduled for the hearing, the department receives a request for a continuance from the person who requested the hearing. Unless both parties agree otherwise, the hearing shall be rescheduled for a date not earlier than the fifth day after the date the department receives the request for the continuance.
  3. A person who requests a hearing under this chapter may obtain only one continuance under this section unless the person shows that a medical condition prevents the person from attending the rescheduled hearing, in which event one additional continuance may be granted for a period not to exceed 10 days.
  4. A request for a hearing stays suspension of a person's driver's license until the date of the final decision of the administrative law judge. If the person's driver's license was taken by a peace officer under Section 524.011(b), the department shall notify the person of the effect of the request on the suspension of the person's license before the expiration of any temporary driving permit issued to the person, if the person is otherwise eligible, in a manner that will permit the person to establish to a peace officer that the person's driver's license is not suspended.

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