Austin, Texas "No Refusal" Enforcement of DWI

The Austin Police Department has stated that it is “continuously focused on preventing lives from being lost on the streets and highways of Austin. The department is dedicated to making the roadways of Austin safe for residents and visitors through education and enforcement.” In support of this mission, the Austin DWI Enforcement Team conducts periodic “no refusal” events throughout Austin. If you performed poorly on a sobriety test and have been charged with drunk driving, then don't risk your freedom and your future. Contact Austin, Texas DWI defense attorneys at Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins, P.C.

Effective September 1, 2009, the “no refusal holiday program” was created to enforce Texas DWI laws and to keep the public safe from drunk drivers. The program allows law enforcement and prosecutors to designate a holiday weekend, such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or July 4th, to seek search warrants to draw blood to test for blood alcohol content (BAC) when DWI suspects refuse breath tests.

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No Refusal Law Background

Under-the-influence drivers caused 9,641 serious injuries in Texas car accidents in 2008, and Texas leads the nation in drunk driving crashes and fatalities. In fact, about 25% of the 2008 traffic fatalities were alcohol related. The goal of this new initiative is to target motorists driving while intoxicated in the Austin area, and to prevent DWI-related traffic fatalities during the extended weekends.

Although effective, the new law is controversial in Austin for several reasons: 1) if a motorist is stopped for suspected drunk driving and refuses a breath test the officer receives a warrant for a blood test and the motorist is taken to a facility where blood is drawn, even if the individual contests the action, 2) every motorist stopped for suspicion of drunk driving in Austin during a no refusal event is subject to having his/her blood drawn.

Additional information regarding the No Refusal law:

  • The new law went into effect on September 1, 2009. The law was created to enforce DWI laws and keep the public safe.
  • Austin Police Department conducted the first "No-Refusal" initiative on Halloween of 2008.
  • The New Year’s Eve/Day 2010 weekend netted 24 drunk drivers with 5 having to submit to having blood drawn after having a warrant issued. Approximately 46% of all persons arrested were at least twice the legal BAC limit of .08%.
  • The DWI initiative allows officers to conduct blood search warrants on suspects who refuse to give a breath or blood specimen as required by law.
  • Each No Refusal event is publicized prior to the start of the weekend.

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