Effects Of Alcohol On Driving

Alcohol and drugs can have a profound effect on driving skills. Because of its depressant effects on the central nervous system, driving after consuming alcohol can result in drivers misjudging their ability to safely drive. Thousands of people in the Austin area consume alcohol and take drugs then ignore the potential danger of getting behind the wheel with these substances in their system.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, or any alcohol-related offense, you could be facing steep fines, probation, jail time, and even loss of your job. You need the Austin, Texas DWI defense attorneys at Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins, P.C. to help defend your rights.

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Factors that influence how alcohol will affect a person include age, gender, physical condition, body weight, amount of food consumed immediately before and while drinking, as well as other drugs or medications in the system. Small to medium doses of alcohol, the amount that could still have some individuals under the limit of a BAC of .08%, can have the following effects on individuals: calming effect, impaired concentration, slowed reflexes, reduced reaction time and coordination, slurred speech and drowsiness.

A criminal record for impaired driving can adversely affect your employment and education opportunities. Hiring an experienced and skilled DWI lawyer for your defense can make a crucial difference in the outcome of your impaired driving case. The attorneys of Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins know the Texas laws, and have over 45 years of legal experience. We have helped thousands of Texans recover and move on after a DWI arrest.

Effects of Alcohol on Driving Skills

Texas leads the nation in DWI fatalities, and 38% or 1,269 of the 3,382 vehicle fatalities in Texas, involved a driver with a BAC at the legal limit of .08%. Alcohol severely impacts the coordination and reflexes of drivers and can put the safety of Texans in jeopardy.

Alcohol has the following effects on a driver:

  • Reaction Time. Alcohol slows reflexes, thus decreasing the ability to react swiftly to situations such as road obstacles, stopped or slow moving cars, and pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Vision. Eye muscles function more slowly, causing eye movement and perception to be altered. This can result in blurred vision, impaired night vision as well as impaired color and depth perception.
  • Tracking. The ability to stay in the center of a lane and to judge the car's position on the road can be adversely affected after consuming too much alcohol or being under the influence of drugs. Perceiving the location of other vehicles, the center line or road signs can cause veering and potential striking of objects on the side of the road.
  • Concentration. The ability to maintain your attention while driving may be difficult, and you can become drowsy and incapable of keeping your eyes open and focused.
  • Comprehension. The depressant effect of alcohol hinders the ability to make rational decisions, resulting in poor decisions when correcting for driving errors or adjusting to traffic patterns.
  • Coordination. The basic mechanics of driving can be affected by reduced eye, hand, and foot coordination, causing incorrect tapping of the brake or gas pedal or improper steering.

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